Abandoned Amusement Parks

For many years you could hear kids laughing and see people smiling.

Cool Zone at Six Flags New Orleans by Chris Luckhardt

But once the party is over, amusement parks turn into somethings else. Into quite places with their own touch of nostalgia.

Andreas, Reginald van de Velde and Chris Luckard have visited these places. A small part of their work is shown in their collection of abandoned amusement parks on fubiz.net.

Some people know Chris Luckhardt as an adventure photographer who travels the world to take pictures of abandoned places - just as those shown below from his flickr account - and the night sky. If you ask Chris to descirbe himself he would tell you he's an adventurer, explorer, creative artist and a storyteller. Just recently he visited Japan to explore the publicly inaccessible sections of Japan's abanandoned Hashima Island as featured in the James Bond movie Skyfall.

Chris Lackhardt, Abandoned Theme Parks:

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Chris Lackhardt, Nara Dreamland:

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Featured Artwork

Artist: Chris Luckhardt

Website: www.chrisluckhardt.com

Facebook: chrisluckhardtphotography

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Title: Cool Zone

Twitter: chrisluckhardt

Vimeo: -

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Location: Six Flags New Orleans, USA

Instagram: chrisluckhardt

Flickr: motionblur

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