Black & White

"For me, photography is a hobby that I try to fit around (or into) family life."

Mora lubis by Stephen Cairns

And I think Stephen Cairns is doing great on trying! If you like black & white photography, you definitively have to check out his work on Flickr.

pier stumps
The seventh view of Omi
better left unsaid
spring rains
winter's calligraphy
  • dock at dusk
  • IN
  • snow covered piers
  • fishing nets
  • snow sounds
  • fourteen posts
  • Shirahige shrine
  • Chikubu island
  • two posts
  • winter at Lake Biwa
  • KI
  • ケンナさんありがとう
  • here and after
  • pier stumps
  • broken pier, Lake Biwa, Japan
  • iteration
  • spring rains
  • Suiboku Biwa
  • lakeside appeal
  • aligning
  • Between water and light
  • Impression of November
  • beyond the black gate
  • On and Off the Path
  • Otsu poles
  • The seventh view of Omi
  • five posts
  • winter tree
  • better left unsaid
  • is and is not
  • snow and lotus
  • softly, silently
  • here and there
  • winter's calligraphy
  • sakura, seat, and snow
  • Snow on white beard
  • an exotic stillness
  • Returns, 2019, Lake Biwa, Japan

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    Artist: Stephen Cairns


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    Title: Mora lubis

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