Midori summer in Japan

Just recently I came across a short video clip showing pictures taken by Jim Atwood. The video clip shows a collection of photographs that fall under the theme category of "green" in Nagano City, Japan.

"One of the things i often do in photography is to shoot with a specific theme in mind. This could be a color, object, motion, texture, etc. I find shooting for specific colors to be a joy and especially in collecting the photographs over time. Most of the photographs taken in this collection were photographed sometime in the summer or late spring. I hope you enjoy they slideshow as much as I have enjoyed photographing the scenes within. By the way, "midori" means "green" in Japanese."

Featured Artwork

Artist: Jim Atwood

Website: www.jimatwood.net

Facebook: jim.d.atwood

Blog: jimatwood.wordpress.com


Title: Midori summer

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Vimeo: jimatwood

Youtube: JimAtwood


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