For many people living in the city and the urban life is just something they link to grey, dull and dead places.

Biking in the city by René Keiser

But when you open your eyes (and your mind) there is actually much more to see. Below is a small selection of urban pictures. Most of them in Zurich where I live but some of them also in other cities.


Terrace view
city bikers
no. 1
04:30 a.m.
summer in the city
don't stop the music
5 4
watch out - it's coming!
men's talk
new york city waterfalls
city under construction
View from the Staten Islands Ferry
no. 15
urban lake
the reader
rainy day in Central Park
sia 118 (2)
sia 118
speaking out lout!
where has the summer been??
(no) entry
bikers this way!
sunset over the city of Zurich
  • urbanity
  • 04:30 a.m.
  • bbq
  • bikers this way!
  • justice
  • no. 1
  • watch out - it's coming!
  • light
  • 070303_150025_zurich_tiefenbrunnen.seepolizei
  • speaker
  • speaking out lout!
  • sunset over the city of Zurich
  • the reader
  • rainy day in Central Park
  • View from the Staten Islands Ferry
  • Terrace view
  • no. 15
  • summer in the city
  • where has the summer been??
  • city under construction
  • urban lake
  • sia 118 (2)
  • sia 118
  • city bikers
  • men's talk
  • 5 4
  • querido
  • saintly
  • walkthrough
  • (no) entry
  • new york city waterfalls
  • V
  • brooklyn
  • don't stop the music
  • running
  • waterfalls
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    Artist: René Keiser

    Website: www.renekeiser.ch

    Facebook: renekeiser

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    Title: urban biking

    Twitter: renekeiser

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    Location: Zurich, Switzerland

    Instagram: renekeiser

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