Sunday, 09 October 2011 00:00

The city

One year of photography captured in a little bit less than 5 minutes.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011 00:00

Pop-out painter

They're so good, they're almost popping off the canvas.

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Friday, 05 August 2011 00:00


What you get ouf of 1 terabyte of pictures. 3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage...
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Monday, 01 August 2011 00:00

Midori summer in Japan

Just recently I came across a short video clip showing pictures taken by Jim Atwood. The video clip shows a collection of photographs that fall under the theme category of "green" in Nagano City, Japan.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011 00:00

Sand art

Using only her fingers, Ilana Yahav draws art of its own with sand on a glass table.

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Thursday, 07 April 2011 00:00

Fantasy and desires

When surfing the internet I recently came upon the website of the British adversiting photographer Tim MacPherson. His portfolio shows a great vibrant imagination, different forms of personal fantasy and desires.

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Monday, 03 January 2011 00:00

The end of an era

December 30, 2010 marked the end of an era - the day, the last Kodachrome film was processed. Dwayne's Photo in Parsons, Kansas/USA was the last lab on the planet to process the legendary Kodachrome. It stopped developing the iconic film on December 31, 2010.

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